Tim Eaton

2023 So Far

Hi folks! I’ve decided to add a blog to my site, mostly to write about my continued learning process as a programmer (and to keep myself accountable during the process). My plan is to write about my thought process as I code day-to-day, along with fun tips I find along the way.

There’s no go way to put it - this year didn’t have a wonderful start. I was laid off from a long-time job, and had a bone infection that landed me the in the hospital for nearly four months. The job was OK - I think I was starting to get a little tired of working on one code base for so long. This led my work to suffer, and I think it was good to move on. But the difficult thing was - how to get through months stuck at the hospital, unable to walk, while trying to find new work.

I figured the best way to start is by going through the full stack process again, making sure my code was up to standard, and taking courses for where I felt week. So far, this has lead to some intense work on React and Python, and I’d like to go over CI/CD again next.

See you around!

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