Tim Eaton

Part-Time Job Found! Is it Time to Switch Careers?

After about 9 months of looking - I found a job! It wasn’t what I thought I would be doing. I’m no longer a code monkey I’m a business teacher in Rennes, France.

It was a random recommendation from a neighbor (a programmer) who also teaches there, and my main subject is IT budgeting for full-stack developers. I’m the only American in the school, and the administrators like having their students learn with a native English speaker. The first day was absolutely terrifying - but now I’ve tought three classes and I’m getting the hang of it. I teach in English, but joke in French with them. Honestly it’s really amazing to see light bulbs go on in someone’s head when they understand or have an idea to contribute.

I’m sure every teacher knows that feeling.

Alas, althought it pays well, it’s only for one or two weeks a month. I’ve been exploring alternatives. My last real job was Senior Director of Tech Operations in an international company. Originally I was looking backwards to becoming a fun-loving code monkey, but now I wonder if I could have better fullfilment as a full-time teacher, an Operations Manager, or something in Logistics.

There are two ways this could work: being a temporary consultant, or working full-time for a university or NGO, something that fits my ethics. As such, I’m in the middle of changing my CV, LinkedIn, this website, etc. I have many friends in this area of work (mostly back in Geneva), so I think it maybe be a valid career change.

Career change. Is anything more scary? Probably.

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