Tim Eaton

Learning Go From a Hospital Bed

I’ve always been fascinated by Go - mostly because I watched people work on it in co-working spaces and they always seemed to have fun with their jobs. But never learned it or used it in my work. I figured - I’m stuck in a hospital bed. Why not go for it now?

First took a quick look at jobs in my area that wanted Go programmers, and there no lack of listings. It seems like many companies use it some way I took a day to read a few other people’s accounts of how they got into program, and came up with a synthesised plan of I would go about it.

My personal study method is to watch videos, typically at higher speed, which for some reason helps me retain information. I do like books as references, and articles for inspiration, so I found a few and added them to my notes to read later.

I started with some of the early talks from one of the writers of Go, Rob Pike. Here’s him talking about why they started the language: The Go Programming Language and Environment And his apparently famous Go Proverbs

The man has some great blazers.

Next I bought a video course for half-off on Udemy called Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language

I’ll report back after a few weeks of trying Go in various projects. I’d like to be able to write a few tools to put on Github for my portfolio, if it is as fun as everyone seems to think…

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