Tim Eaton

Goodbye, Hospital

After hurting my leg, I’ve spent the last four months in the hospital with various complications after the initial surgery. It’s been a wild ride, with a lot of pain, boredom, and frustration.

As such, I’m happy to announce I’m finally going home this week! I’ll still be in a wheelchair, but it will be wonderful to be back in a familiar setting, mischievous cats and all. I’m setting up a new office in my main living space to cope with my limited mobility, and everything is working out so far.

Back at home

It wasn’t fun, but a few good things came out of this long hospital stay. One is the amount of time it gave me to practice programming, both fine-tuning my knowledge and working on new programming languages. The past few months have done wonders to rekindle my love of programming and design.

I’m looking forward to readjusting to life at home and finding a new remote job to apply my new found knowledge. Wish me luck!

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