Tim Eaton

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I’m a back-end developer with 16+ years of professional experience. I’m very passionate about writing and learning code; my main interest has been in Laravel, Terraform, static sites, and modern PHP/CSS. I’m always happy to learn something new.

I have a good understanding of front-end development, but what I really love is working behind the scenes. I’ve worked extensively with Github, adapating legacy code to modern standards, and finding the right tools for any job. I love helping with connections between different company departments to make sure all needs are met and everyone is working happily and efficiently.

Skills: PHP, JavaScript, Python, Bash, MySQL, Modern CSS, Github, Linux and Unix, Laravel, Docker, Deployment, Unit/Feature Testing, Basic design

I’m looking a good job in the European Union time zone right now; if you’d like me on your team, shoot me an email!

Download Resume