Tim Eaton

Learning Go (golang): First Update

One of the problems I discovered since my last post is this: as a life-long programmer, it can be a little tough to learn a new language from scratch. After going through a few video tutorials on YouTube, Udemy, and ZTM, I leaned the basic types, syntax, and theory, but then I quickly tired of the projects. I actually wanted to argue about their structure, the same that I would do if I were planning a new feature at work. Some tutorials just annoyed me.

Obviously I needed something new if I really wanted to learn.

So what were my big advances in working on PHP? From what I remember, they were almost entirely learned while watching people code at conferences or work. Seeing someone’s problem-solving process, or watching them make mistakes and then need to fix them or refactor their code, was a lot like my own process at home and it resonated.

So how to apply that with Go?

I learned you could watch people code on Youtube and Switch. I started putting together a list of people to watch.

These are my start. I also found a repository on test-driven design with go, and looking over that is helping me with a few questions I had.

Each of these begin to open their own set of doors, so… Time to buckle down and keep going!

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